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Blindfold Tent Pitching

Blindfold Tent Pitching
Blindfold Tent

Blindfold tent building is designed to test your ability to communicate clearly and effectively as a team.

Your guests must erect a 2-man tent without any instructions. This might be hard enough, but a major drawback here is that most of your team will be blindfolded.

As a blindfolded tent builder you will be disorientated and have no knowledge of what state the tent is in. You will have to take your team leaders word for things. Bring your other senses into play such as your hearing and co-ordination

As the team leader you will need to master the art of verbal communication, and have the ability to guide your team without any physical intervention.

Good communication is the key factor when guiding your team, but the blindfolded team members must carefully listen to their team leader to complete the task.

This is an ideal activity to highlight team communication skills.